About this Civil War Website

We built the Civil War website that we wanted to see.

When learning about the Civil War the information can be overwhelming, so we put together a straightforward way to quickly understand 10 of the most important battles.

There are volumes of information about the Civil War. A quick search for Civil War on amazon.com returns well over 200,000 results.

We simplified things by focusing on essential questions and providing the most pertinent information through stories and bullet points.

We've also further purged the text by highlighting the most important parts, so if you don't even want to read the entire CliffsNotes version you can simply scan the highlighted text and get a good idea of the history.

This website was created to summarize key information into short easy to understand snippets. We did this by scouring numerous sources including Wikipedia (we know Wikipedia isn't the gold standard in research, but we pulled a lot of great information from the site) and extracting the most relevant excerpts. This site explores 10 important Civil War battles.

Each battle is broken down into (1) an Overview, (2) a Summary, (3) Characters, and (4) Details. Each category provides progressively more information.

The Overview begins with concise answers to questions like, "who won this battle?" and "why is this battle important?" and answers the who, what, where, when, why, and how of each battle.

If readers are interested in more information like:
  • battle strategies,
  • character backgrounds,
  • chronological events,
  • memorable stories,
  • etc.
These things are explained in greater detail while always maintaining the most concise explanations possible and using bullet points whenever possible.

We agree with Shakespeare that "Brevity is the soul of wit."